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Bronze and Stone - Hand Stamped Bronze and Agate Earrings

Bronze and Stone - Hand Stamped Bronze and Agate Earrings

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These earrings would go perfectly with your favorite pair of jeans!
Each earring is composed of 1 - Hand Stamped Bronze teardrop. The teardrops started out as BRONZclay. The clay was rolled, stamped, cut out, dried, refined and kiln fired. The resulting solid bronze pieces were then burnished, polished and sealed to reveal and maintain a warm golden hue.
The teardrops sway beneath 7mm x 4mm Agate barrel shaped beads.
The ear wires are 14KT. Gold Fill shepherd hooks. The earrings are 2-1/4" long from the top of the ear wires to the bottom tip of the dangle.
*BRONZclay consists of 11% tin, 89% copper, water and non-toxic binding materials. The binding materials vaporize completely during the kiln-firing process, leaving a solid bronze piece with a density 90% that of cast bronze. This precious metal is very hard and durable - making it perfect for jewelry!

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