Wholesaling Continued

Wholesaling Continued

Once again, a great amount of time has elapsed since my last blog entry.  During these past months, I have had many learning opportunities presented to me.  I have attempted to graciously accept these opportunities, but admittedly, I have done some complaining and grumbling along the way.  However, in retrospect,  I see that each opportunity has eventually helped me to grow and develop as an artisan, and small business owner.

In March of 2017 I began working with a lovely and professional woman named Laura McEwin Green.  As my Representative, she diligently presents my work to various shops, boutiques and stores throughout Oklahoma. Laura’s  work and guidance have helped me on many fronts.   She seems to know how to gently push me beyond my comfort zone to help me “get to the next level” with this little business of mine.  As a result of her kind but constructive comments, she has encouraged me to work with a professional photographer and to create a professionally printed catalog.  I naively and somewhat arrogantly thought that my pictures were “just fine” and the Line Sheets that I printed with Kinkos or my own printer,  should “cut it” in the world of retail.   Okay, so I was wrong!  Once I finally stopped lamenting and worked to find professionals to help me, I saw the difference!  I guess there really is something to all those photography terms (e.g., aperture, exposure, lighting,  exposure compensation, shutter speed etc.).  I say this tongue in cheek of course as I truly  respect the Photography Profession.

Below please find a few  of the many images shot by the very talented and genial photographer, Mark Gunter of Mark Gunter Photography.  https://www.facebook.com/MarkGunterPhoto/


All of these factors as well as my own work online has helped me to place my items in approximately 45 shops and boutiques throughout Oklahoma and the US.

My learning is continuing and I’m sure I will be doing a bit more complaining and grumbling along the way! It’s all part of growing I guess.


Thanks for reading!  www.felicityjewelrydesigns.com


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