New Directions!

It has been some time since I have posted  on this blog, but my work and business have not been dormant!  Exploring new design techniques and business strategies requires constant effort.    Many hours are spent at my little design desk and computer.  Admittedly, there are times when I question and bemoan the effort and time needed to make this business work.  However, a quick assessment of my situation  (sometimes coupled with a glass of wine)  helps me to amend my negative attitude.  In actuality, I  am forutnate to be able to continue plugging away at this passion of mine.  All the thanks goes to my husband, who endlessly encourages me.  As well, my  children have kindly shared their support and  invaluable “Millennial”  design insights and opinions.  My mother is a gem as she faithfully hosts a “Jewelry Trunk Show” for me every summer when I go home to Canada.  And of course, my family, friends and loyal customers are what makes this little business continue to “roll along”.  Negative outlook amended!

At the beginning of 2017,  I took a risk both financially and emotionally by participating in a Wholesale Market.   I nervously presented Jewelry Collections that encompassed various styles and elements to local boutiques and shops.  I  received two orders from wonderful businesses that day   (Antique Garden – Norman, OK and the Oklahoma City Zoo   )!  And…. that’s when the WORK  and LEARNING began!  More about that in another post!

Here are the collections that started the Wholesale Branch of my business.  You can look at them more closely on my website  by clicking on the link below the composite picture.

Thanks for reading!  xo